Phiero Premium Pheromones for men

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  • Stimulate the senses and arouse sexual desire
  • Seduce and attract female sex
  • Pheromones for Men use
  • Gain self-assurance and to conquer women erotically.
Spray like normal perfume.
Package content: 30ml.

Phiero Premium is used to:
to attract male attraction.
to attract the female sex
To gain self-assurance and to conquer women erotically.

Perfume with pheromones to attract the opposite sex
Phiero Premium is a men's pheromone perfume that makes it possible to improve one's interpersonal relationships and facilitate the conquest of the other person when perceived. It has pleasant musky fragrances that are able to arouse seduction and improve the attractiveness of a man and the ability to seduce.

Stimulate the senses and arouse sexual desire with Phiero Premium, men's pheromone perfume Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by living things to cause specific behaviors in other individuals of the same species to arouse sexual desire. It is received through the nostrils, which are in close contact with the vomeronasal organ, which sends a signal to the hypothalamus that produces an immediate response.

With this in mind, Phiero Premium Men's Pheromone Perfumes have been created to address the 3 pheromones that, with their musky fragrance, stimulate feelings of lust and enhance male attractiveness and seduction.
Main ingredients:
Androsterone: pheromone is derived from testosterone. It creates the dominant male sensibility and self-assurance.

Delta 16-ol: pheromone communication and relationships with the environment. It causes the loss of awe and adapts the individual to the environment.

A-Keto: creates cozy and comfortable situations in a climate of trust. It is known as the pheromone for love and feelings.
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List Name Phiero Premium
EAN/UPC 8437012718227
by Brand 500Cosmetics
Item Size 30 ml
Ingredients Other components: essential oils, woody and musky scents woody, sandalwood, cedar, glycol
Extra Info Spray like normal perfume. Bottle content 30ml
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Phiero Premium Pheromones for men